What Is a Warehouse Conveyor?

A warehouse conveyor is a system that is primarily built to move goods from one area to another in a production facility.

Find Out What It Is

It’s an efficient and economical way to facilitate material handling within a warehouse. They move thousands of goods, and when used well, they can achieve maximum handling capacities.

Types of Warehouse Conveyor Systems

Conveyors systems can be classified as transportation, accumulation, and sortation.

  • Transportation conveyor - Available in different sizes, this system provides free movement of goods throughout the warehouse. They include expandable conveyor, belt conveyor, extendable telescoping, live roller conveyors, and flexible chain conveyors.
  • Accumulation conveyor - This type of conveyor system acts as a buffer between different parts of warehouse operation that needs a pause in segment movement. They include zero pressure conveyor and 24-volt accumulation conveyor.
  • Sortation conveyor - This conveyor offers a means for diverting and dispatching goods being transported on an individualized basis across different processing streams. They include routing conveyors, pick line transfers and sortation systems.

Benefits of Using a Conveyor System

  • It's more efficient - As compared to the manual movement of goods, a conveyor system is a more efficient way of moving products around the warehouse. This means that you can move more products by using a conveyor system.
  • It increases productivity - Using a conveyor system means that you can refine the system and improve it to ensure that the process runs smoothly. This can, therefore, lead to much productivity within the facility.
  • Better tracking - Using a conveyor allows you to properly track and process the items. This means that items are not only traceable, but also under quality control.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Conveyor System

When looking for the best warehouse conveyor system, it’s important to have realistic facts at the beginning. This will ensure that you save both time and money later on. You need to get a company that is well conversant with systems that suit your needs.

For instance, if you're looking for an automatic movement, you must choose a system that will ensure that the process moves on smoothly.

Apart from these, you also need to consider longevity, availability, and accuracy when you are looking for package conveyor system. Remember, systems often vary depending on the operation and the handled products.

Above all, you should choose reliable conveyors. Instead of the bleeding edge technology, you need to focus on the leading edge.

Warehouse conveyors are mechanically important for automated distribution and warehouse solutions, hence they are critical elements when it comes to facility operations. Choose wisely.